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Professional IT Business Solutions

netexperts Ltd are focussed on helping people to use IT wisely. We do this through delivering Enterprise Class IT services and project support, packaged in such a way as to make it accessible to both the large scale enterprise and the small to medium business organisation. Our expertise in the life sciences sector allows us to provide project support, solutions and services in a documented, compliant manner.


Business Continuity

Business Continuity - what does this really mean?

Taking action in advance to secure your future. By preparing infrastructure and steps to take in the event of flood, theft, systems failure, internet outage, pandemic outbreak or any disaster.


Why do it?
• Security of your data and client information
• Protection of your brand and reputation
• To stay in business

Hosted Services

Where do you want to put your IT equipment?

netexperts provide a wide range of solutions hosted in compliant data centres. netexperts can advise on traditional hosting or utilising virtual infrastructure.


Why do it?

• Free up space in your premises
• Secure and compliant management of your IT
netexperts will manage the hosting arrangement


Do you understand the benefits of virtualisation?

It is invaluable if understood and utilised wisely. netexperts will consult on your options for efficiencies in hosting costs, facilities costs and future IT expenditure.


Why do it?
• Simplifies IT service continuity
• Access provision need not be restricted to your premises
• Potential reduction of facilities costs and future upgrades

Managed Services

What is Managed Service?

A choice between on-site at your premises or hosted in a managed data centre, netexperts provide a wide range of compliant managed solutions


Why do it?

• Allows you to focus on business
• Secure and compliant management of your IT
netexperts will look at your infrastructure as a whole